Construction Equipment Technology to improve efficiency, safety and profitability

Heavy equipment operators face a variety of challenges on the job site and when navigating the highways. Limited visibility due to blind spots put drivers, and owners at risk. Our technology solutions, designed for the harsh environments of job sites, improve driver visibility, productivity, and reduce financial risk for business owners. Additionally our infotainment and audio solutions can improve the overall experience. Sound damping technology can reduce external noise, improving focus, awareness and making communication via radio easier. Camera and sensor technology can reduce risk and alleviate on the job accidents. AAMP Global has over 40 years' proven experience providing OEM and OES partners with high quality, bespoke engineered solutions designed to meet the needs of commercial partners.

An graph depicting our Engineered Solutions process

Engineered Solutions

Our team of engineers is ready to partner with you to understand your business, and needs. We design, engineer, and manufacture a solution built with specifications tailored to your business. From conception to launch, quality and durability are key pillars of our development process. Our dedicated project management and on-going communication during the design, development and launch phases, will ensure on-time, on-budget, and a smooth implementation. We stand together with you and behind our products, providing training, technical, and on-going support.

Sample Solutions

We are happy to work with your team to develop custom technology in the areas of integration, high performance audio, safety, and infotainment. Below are a few examples of our solutions for heavy equipment customers.

White Label Custom Radios

Our custom infotainment hub solutions are built to withstand the toughest of conditions while still delivering the highest quality sound and entertainment options. Designed with owners and drivers in mind, the features and functions of the radio are simple to operate, and access, even whilst wearing gloves. We have many different line fit options, including basic entry level, or feature rich, touch screen radios.

Eliminate Blind Spots with Cameras & Sensors

Larger vehicles, such as construction equipment, come with challenges caused by blind spots surrounding the machine. These blind spots put the operator at a higher risk for accidents potentially with people, property, and other equipment. AAMP offers a wide range of off the shelf and custom safety solutions using camera and sensor technology.

  • Wired or wireless, our solutions include dash and windshield mount monitors.
  • Expanding your limited view, protecting your equipment and offering a safer experience.
  • Interior and motion activated cameras can protect your belongings and provide a video witness during incident.
  • Protect your investment with commercial grade DVR solutions, keeping an eye on your agricultural equipment and providing a video witness during incidents.

Get In Touch

If you are a vehicle manufacturer, fleet manager or anyone else looking to discuss a partnership with AAMP, use the links below to email the business development team in your geographic location.