Commercial Division

Enhancing Commercial & Consuming Vehicles with Technology Custom and off-the-shelf solutions available line fit and aftermarket

AAMP Global is an international manufacturer specializing in aftermarket and OEM vehicle technology, designed to help you get the performance, connectivity, and utility you need from your vehicle. We specialize in helping commercial drivers get the tools, technology, and components that they need to make their driving experience easy, economical, and safe.

Whether you’re looking for aftermarket camera solutions, an in-car entertainment and communication system, or even enhanced safety features, AAMP Global can provide a solution for you.

Our customers are located all across the globe, and over the years, we have partnered with dozens of recreational vehicle manufacturers, large and small private fleet managers, local governments, agricultural OEM companies, mass-market retailers and commercial OEMS, to name just a few industries who have made use of our retail and custom-made equipment solutions.

We understand that each organization, fleet, and driver has different needs. Our process allows you to leverage the unique capabilities and experience of AAMP Global to create tailored solutions that incorporate cutting-edge technology – but don’t go over your budget.

Our Development Process

Planning is everything, and our team begins with your requirements, planning together with you to create bespoke solutions that fulfill and exceed needs. Quality is utmost, and we understand that off-the-shelf is rarely an option, so we create solutions to your exact requirements. Our commercial partnership team will work with you to develop these solutions within our categories of expertise: vehicle integration, safety and collision avoidance, infotainment and mobile connectivity and high performance audio.

Bringing Concepts to Life

From initial concept through to production AAMP employs the most advanced design, simulation and development tools and techniques. We have the design facilities and industrial tools to guarantee that original ideas reflect the clients requirements. Our computer aided design capabilities allow us to develop detailed 3D models and 2D drawings of physical components, converting concepts into visuals. This ensures our clients obtain a quality designed product that will meet the demands of its proposed use and marketplace.

Our dedicated technical team is made up of skilled design engineers with vast experience in a variety of automotive markets, ensuring all systems are professionally and safely integrated in the knowledge that all automotive practices have been followed. Through constant commitment to projects our in house capacity ensure that first-rate techniques are used throughout the design process. We strive to produce innovative solutions that not only operate alongside the vehicles current OEM design but aim to enhance the vehicles overall appeal and desirability. By utilising our engineering and prototyping facilities, ideas can be clearly communicated to our clients through initial proposal, development and manufacture stages. Our engineers thrive on diverse and technologically challenging projects and are always capable of offering clients an innovative solution. With access to industry leading equipment and machinery throughout our tooling divisions, our services are unparalleled. One of the key components of any multimedia install is a bespoke made wiring harness.

At AAMP Global we have full capabilities and experience in harness layout, design, prototype and production. Through use of our state of the art wire stripping and forming machinery custom wiring solutions can be produced to high quality and volume. Injection moulding facilities can also be to used to create products within the range to ensure quality-finished plastics. We are also able to design quality printed circuit board layouts in house to meet the clients’ exact requirements. Overall our tooling service ensures that you achieve the highest levels of performance, value and quality for your products.

Strict Quality & Testing Standards

Each of our custom-made products goes through rigorous and extensive testing, including:

  • Electrical Testing
    Our comprehensive electrical tests include basic functionality, voltage drop testing, temperature fluctuation analysis, antenna reach, and harness prototyping for preliminary analysis.
  • Durability Testing
    Durability testing tests include functional endurance, battery life testing, high and low temperature testing, and general stability of product.
  • Environmental Testing
    Intensive environmental testing allows for the testing of the real-world functionality of a product, such as vibration absorption and resistance, dust resistance, corrosion testing, and susceptibility to water damage.
  • Material Testing
    We analyze component fatigue levels, scratching, abrasion and compression to ensure that the materials used for your product meet all required durability and strength requirements.
  • Safety & Legal Testing
    Ensure that the final, finished product meets all applicable automotive and international standards, protecting ourselves and our commercial/OEM partners from legal liability.

Get In Touch

If you are a vehicle manufacturer, fleet manager or anyone else looking to discuss a partnership with AAMP, use the links below to email the business development team in your geographic location.