Our solutions, tailored for agricultural vehicles and heavy equipment, enhance and simplify handling, so you can focus on getting the job done. AAMP has partnered with agricultural equipment manufacturers across the globe to deliver branded and white label technology solutions to improve efficiency and profitability. Solutions include high performance audio, infotainment systems, safety solutions utilising camera and sensor technology, and more.



Partnering with commercial vehicle manufacturers, AAMP Global is able to supply your customers with the technology and features they require via port fitting, line fit, or through specialized accessory programs at the dealership level. With a focus on quality, design and engineering, our solutions include collision avoidance, audiophile quality audio enhancements, mobile and media connectivity and infotainment.


Heavy equipment operators face a variety of challenges on the job site and when navigating the highways. Limited visibility due to blind spots put drivers, and owners at risk. Our technology solutions, designed for the harsh environments of job sites, improve driver visibility, productivity, and reduce financial risk for business owners. Additionally our infotainment and audio solutions can improve the overall experience. Sound damping technology can reduce external noise, improving focus, awareness and making communication via radio easier.


Our cutting-edge vehicle safety technology uses driver behavior-activated cameras and advanced sensor technology to make driving safer and easier. Commercial customers can enjoy additional peace of mind and safety knowing that their drivers and property are protected. Increasing efficiency, profitability and protection from loss.


AAMP has developed a large suite of off the shelf solutions, and partnered with vehicle manufacturers to design bespoke solutions factory fit. Campervans small or large, and even towable campers add an extra layer of complexity for drivers with larger blind spots, especially drivers who are used to maneuvering smaller vehicles in their daily commute. Our camera and sensor systems are designed for the various vehicle types to eliminate blind spots that can cause property damage or accidents.


The growth of Telematics technologies in the vehicle fleet sector provides quality information and data to support improvements in the management of road traffic incidents and driver behaviour. We provide a range of specialist products such as Standalone or Connected Driver Behaviour Display systems which alerts both the driver and/or back office teams to infringements when driving and proactively encourages responsible driving behaviour. We also offer a comprehensive service to design and manufacture bespoke cable assemblies for specific customer applications and, with the aid of our UK based R&D team which includes RF, electronic and mechanical & software engineers we can provide a complete solution for any automotive cabling requirement.